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This is our first season with Fearless, well in the dance world in general, and I can’t express how genuinely happy my daughter is! She just turned four and has three classes a week and is a member of the company team, and this wouldn’t be the case if it wasn’t for the amazing group of moms that have been so accepting to a new family and encouraged us to audition. The group of teachers here have made her feel right at home and have opened up a new level of sass in my daughter. My son also just tried out a beginners hip hop class and told me as we were leaving “THAT CHANGED MY LIFE MOM!” Needless to say, he really enjoyed himself and he even brags to his friends that he is in dance classes. The classes are very hands on and I feel as though my children are in great hands with the staff here. They keep open communication about the kids progress and are always motivating the kids to be their best. I’m so happy to have my kids be a part of the Fearless team.

Jherica - Laikyn's Mom

FEARless is more than just a creative name - it's a way of life for these kids both inside and outside the studio.  And FEARless Dance Center and the amazing staff represent everything behind the meaning of the word.  Finding the perfect studio for competitive or even rec dance takes research - and FEARless provides a great mix of all the qualities that make up a great dance studio - great teachers (who are also mentors), challenging technique that helps dancers grow, open communication to help set clear expectations, and most of all a fun and safe atmosphere for our kids to do what they love.  This is our 7th year here and we couldn't be more proud to #BeFEARless.

Anna - Lily's Mom

One of the biggest blessings of my life!! Fearless has brought out my absolute love for dance that I never knew existed. I’m pushed more and more every single day, and the studio has become my second home. I’m going to miss everything about Fearless next year!

Madison - 2021 Senior

My daughter, who is now 13, has been dancing at FDC for a few years now and WE ALL LOVE IT THERE! The instructors take their job seriously and they now how to control a room! We love the studio and the environment/community they've created! 5 Stars would recommend!

Pat - Julia's Dad

"As a family new to dance we were welcomed with open arms. Classes teach traditional technique, rhythm and the fundamentals all while keeping the students engaged and entertained. All of the teachers are professional, approachable and cheerful and the students absolutely love them! I'm so so glad we found Fearless!"

Jessica -  Lilliana's Mom

I love Fearless Dance Center.  There is always someone willing to help or answer any questions you have.  I can’t tell you enough how happy I am with the staff and the other dancers and parents.  It’s been a great experience and I am so glad I chose Fearless when my girls decided to dance.  I wouldn’t trade this group for anything.

Jessi -  Presley & Rylee's Mom

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